Why Ajmal must get a lawyer

Lawyers are turning away from Ajmal, the only terrorist captured during recent Mumbai siege. At first it looks like patriotism by them but the lawyers should not forget their duty. Not helping a person to defend him/herself is a crime again jurisdictional system. If no one is defending this guy then it's not much differnt than killing the principles upon which our country is based. Also, I wonder if the lawyers have no faith in our jurisdictional system, otherwise, why should lawyers issue 'fatwa' not to take up Ajmal's case? Saying this, I also wish Ajmal gets toughest panishment for his barbarian act.

An Interesting Blog

I came across a nice blog about 'Malaysia-Finance'. Each entry in the blog has a beautiful pic ('pic of a beautiful' rather) but the picture doesn't relate to anything in the text. This is nice concept to put heavy things lightly. I too had put such things (not exactly same way)  to add some lightness in my technical blog (see here and here for example) and I think it's great idea. 
Also, he has great advices for bloggers. 

Urgent Requirement for A Hitler, Location: Bangalore

I was on my way back to Bangalore from the pilgrimage. Everything was well and good until Bangalore just started.
We have lot of a$$h0le$ in our Bangalore who are just 'brainless' selfish and no rule can stop them driving everyone into traffic jams. They appear now and then, anywhere in the city and create chaos.
As usual, there was traffic jam due to few of such $hith0le$. A foreigner, most probably American, appeared there and try to remove blockage. He urged people to stay in lane and wait for some time until he frees blockage. But as usual no such dumbos appeared responding. After some time this foreigner lost temper and started shouting, threatening, pushing, hitting hands on vehicles (resulting into big dents) and 'ordering' them to stay in lane. It was this time when this a$$h0le$ were coming to their lane. Within 5 min, we were again back on the road - running.
^ Urging to wait for some time!

^ Asses Contributing to blockage

Terrorists are not upto the mark, Says a Dy CM

Maharashtra Dy CM made a statement, precisely: "bade shahron mein aise ek adh hadse hote rahte hain. Woh 5,000 logon ko marne aye the lekin humne kitna kum nuksan hone diya". I am refraining myself translating into English because of shame that these politicians have brought to my country and still they think the Mumbai terror attack was 'a small incident'. My whole point is, I wonder how many people, especially from India, wants him to be victim of terrorism! 

मेरी भी थी एक 'लुना सुपर'

एक समय था की जब मै ऐसी ही एक 'लुना सुपर' चलाया करता था (आज मेरे पास को बाईक नही है). बहुत समय हो गया था लुना को देखे हुए, कुछ दिन पहेले ही ये मुझे अपने फ्लैट की निचे पार्क की हुई दिखी और तुंरत ही मेरा हाथ मोबाइल का कैमरा चालू करने में जुट गया. मेरी लुना एक दम सुपर कन्डीशन में थी... अगर अंदाजा लगना है तो यह समज लोकी 0-55 KM/hour 20 सेकंड में. बात 20 सेकंड की नही है. बात है 55 KM/hour की :)

Survey Bullshit

I used to believe in news from CNN-IBN but recently they too have taken the path same as other (mostly Hindi media). They constantly search for frightening news and if couldn't find one, they make it.
For example: http://ibnlive.in.com/videos/76823/about-50-per-cent-indians-fear-losing-job--salary-cuts.html

They did a ('so called') survey in only 4 metros of India asking if they fear loosing their job. The result as they claim says 47% believed so. And the headline said "50% of Indian". Also, nobody knows what was this percentage before financial crises. I suspect the way people were presented the question and/or agency interpreted the answer.

Have your heard about 'geeks'?

I am computer programmer by profession. Programming is still a bizarre act according to present society and so all of us enjoy ‘geek’ status, at least as for now. If you peek inside our world, you will notice that it’s huge. Infact, it is a religious society in itself. We have our own ‘devils’ and ‘angels’. People have their own belief. Helping hands nourishes knowledge and charity gives materials to keeps society moving.
Some of us constantly think and act to do well for the world and society. We provide software instruments which are capable to do things which humans can never do. Also here are those who create malicious software and do steal your credentials and other information.

Something about a geek
Geeks work hard. They party hard. They like music and movie hard. They speak less but write hard. They have their own view about everything.
Geeks are not just geek; they are further ‘newborn’ or ‘student’ or ‘learned’ or ‘dumb’ or ‘nerd’ or ‘dweeb’ or ‘guru’ or ‘Sage’ and much more.


I wrote a blog someday before which said how to remove all your warehouse employees. As a software professional, it would be my pleasure to be involved into such an activity.
But do I think about the people who may loose their job due to the system, if implemented?
The million dollar question is, will I be able to accept this if I put myself at the position of a warehouse worker? And the answer is not easy.

इंडियन अब एयर इंडिया?

लोग पैसे देके एड देते है और प्रचार कुछ और ही होता है

Better Die!!!

Sometime you see someone and feel like death is better than suffering. Here is an example of suffering!

To: Waynad

I am sure you people are expecting some good photos after the horror that might have kept you awake for nights. Recently I was at Waynad (Kerala) with the big gang. I won't write much and just put these pics (not one is from my cam) here:
^ At top of the world
^ View from the resort
^ In resort again
^ It's different feeling
^ Inviting leaches
^ The Gang
^ Saving life :)
^ A lake nearby

Beware! I can do the same with you

Recently I am into more of creative business (no, not at office). I wanted see my scary look and digital imaging added one more dimension to it in making it scarier. I am sorry if you are seeing this at night and alone ;) And I don’t want my mail box full of your photos to get ‘yogee’ look so I am charging USD 5 for the processing for each face (even I paid my self the same amount).

Let’s live the way it is

Every one has a way to look at life and live its mystery. I see and want to live like what Mirabai, a mystical poetess, says to live like. She wrote a poem in Gujarati called “Ram Rakhe tem rahiye” (Let live the way the Lord keeps us). The interpretation of which is as followed but understand that it is an “interpretation” and not actual wordy translation because the original version was written in deep love toward Lord Krisha and not my all my friends are direct devotee of Lord Krishna.

Let’s live how the Lord keeps us, let’s live the way it is,

Let’s live the bright days with jewels to wear,
also, live the dark days with simple to wear.

Let’s live the bright days with sweets and fries to eat,
also, live the dark days with nothing to eat.

Let’s live the bright days with palace to stay,
also, live the dark days with jungles to stay.

Let’s live the bright days with bed and pillow,
also, live the dark days with earth as a bed.

Let’s bear with what life has kept for us as tastes of life.

The Lena.tiff

Image of Lena (as shown above) is used as test image in Digital Image Computing (especially Image compression). People use the image for their computing tests and I was no exception for about a year until I graduated. Her beauty kept me always ‘in’ the work and drove me toward writing some of the most complex, original and superior algorithms that I ever worked out. Our main aim was to compress the image without affect on Lena’s beauty and we tried hard to show Lean how deserves to be shown i.e. beautiful. I wonder why, but I never googled her to acquire higher resolution image of the same.

Much after I abandoned the Digital Image Processing work, I came to know that she was a ‘playmate’ (model of “who don’t know” Playboy mag in issue of November 1972). The test image itself was published in playboy magazine and full version was actually more appealing than I thought.

For the full picture click here. WARNING this picture contains nudity.


It was some days before when I and four other friends headed toward Kodaikanal – a famous but not too crowded hill station situated in southern India. Forward journey became kind of adventurous and uncertain (by time) when we used only public transport to reach till to top. Hotel (J C Grand) was already booked and was near bus stand so locating was easy. The hotel was almost empty except our neighboring room with naughty kids having drums and some kind of instrument (sounded like feelings of a foot on sharp pieces of glass).

We went to the beautiful Kodaikanal lake same day where cycle riding was real fun. And why not when you have 4 old collage pals with you :) A tip for you about the timing: 3 O’clock in season time, otherwise roads will get crowded by 5. For non season time I guess 5 o’clock and after is ‘ok’. We visited almost all famous places which you may find on Wikipedia on next day. The ‘next’ and ‘last’ day in Kodaikanal was excellent but was about to be ruined by the cab driver that we hired who asked for more money and wasting time when we couldn’t afford to do so (and so was duly treated for doing so).

Return journey in the cab gave us the glimpse of the hills which we missed in crowded and noisy bus during forward journey. Kodaikanal was refreshing place but Gokarna, mentioned in one of my previous blog, was hippy loved place. Gokarna still tops my next destination where I can pass some days and give some time to myself.

India in Satellite Launch Race

With a world stunning launch of PSLV yesterday and setting up 10 satellites into their orbit has shown the capability of ISRO and it’s ability to succeed in most complex operations. It seems like this is the day Sarabhai was pushing ISRO to see.

On other hand, When India is taking pride on the success, ISRO is preparing another adventure named “Chandrayaan” – the Indian moon mission which will use PSLV C-11. This in turn will put ISRO into range of very credible organizations of oligopolic multi-billion dollar satellite launch market. India also, now, can see itself in very comfortable situation for foreign relations, science and technological development domestically, rural and agricultural development, security (e.g. yesterday’s launch has two remote sensing satellites), negotiation with other organization for technological sharing and partnership for mutually beneficial projects.

Let’s wish for PSLV C-11 completes the relay race which has been extremely well performed by previous PSLVs till now.

By 'yogee'

I am not the “painter” painter but certainly a “rough book painter” with my pen and rough pad. It wasn’t a my normal Sunday when I though to really paint something. The stationary shop that I visited didn’t have my choice of brushes but I got the minimal things at Rs. 77 ($ 2) which included a bug white paper (enough for 4 small-sized painting like below). It is not my best paining but easiest and this is the only one on this blog because last time I scribbled with brush was almost 8 year ago (no record exists of those as they were thrown out in garbage the day before I left my home for college).

Flowers are created by totally slanting the brush and without any stroke.

Notice to Customer

Well !! No comments ;)
Click the image for more details.

Oops! It happned again :(

I am one of the most troubled fellow in computer world when it comes to great debacles of PC. From the day I started using my PC, I’ve encountered a numerous problems and issues regarding software and hardware. Issues never stop and frequency of getting major issue is every fortnight. This blog covers only great stories of “data losses”.

The moment I am writing this blog, I have accidentally deleted a partition of 80 GB (above 90% filled) with all my important documents, software, software code written by me, data of my friends, and “may be” many other important things. All gone… in matter of seconds.

I have already lost my complete data 2 times due to hard-drive crashes. That time it was not my fault here, but it happens to the chosen ones of God.

It doesn’t just ended with me and I murdered data of my friend (sorry again, Sirish) by installing an operating system before 8 months or so. That was the saddest day of my life as I delete all his personal photographs. Some how, some things were recovered but it is never same. (For the matter of fact, he is still my friend)

But life starts again with new and fresh data. Older ones are to forget and move on in life. God is great! But not fair : ( I have to live with it.

No tree! No Problems!

I visited my neighborhood market place - CMH road after tree tiring weeks. I was delighted to see that most of trees were suddenly gone. Now I could clearly see various advertisements which was not possible with trees hindering their visibility! Damn trees, why do they grow this big? It was pleasant to see that each tree cut made a clear space where a bike could be put on stand. Who knows, it may my bike one day resting on the grave of one of these trees. Those trees might have though that nobody would dare to touch them because of their longer service toward nature. Oops! They don’t have brains. They are just dumb unmovable creature which came into existence when the God was learning phase of making life. I have no doubt in my mind that by culling them we will correct this mistake of God. And I can do that because the God gave me brain by which I can do some of his work. Wouldn’t that be in line with claim of me being from the superior species? It will. Our generations to come will be very thankful to us for the path that we have chosen for development.


Chanakya told to choose,

Angry over Cunning;
Pain over Obligation;
Imperishable over Perishable;

Because the earlier ones hurts your body and the later onces your soul.

Gokarna Trip

I had a refreshing trip to Gokarna i.e. Gokarn and end of year 2007. Gokarna (in Indian state of Karnataka) is famous for its beaches (some are covered by small hills) and Hindu temples. The trip ended at Goa when calendar year 2008 just started.
It all started when we left Bangalore at around night 10 on 28 December with 8 other friends. The feeling of lively and cheerful joy started in morning when we were passing through dangerous roads in dense forest near Shimoga. It feels really nice when you are very near to nature in early morning.
We reached Gokarna at around 3 PM on 29th which is couple of hours late due to our extra stoppages. We got a good place to stay (at around INR 350/- per day, which is cheap in tourist season) surrounded with natural garden. After visiting Gokarna Beach for sun set on the same day, rocky Om beach and Paradise beach were enjoyed on next day followed by Campfire at Om beach. Gokarna is ideal place to hide from modern word with mostly hippie tourists from all over the world.
31st was reserved for Goa which is around 200 Km from Gokarna. We chose to go Bagga beach in Panaji as our single destination to welcome 2008 in Goa. Beach itself was excellent, very safe, enjoyable and over crowded. New Year was rightly welcomed with fire crackers bursting everywhere which felt like Diwali.
Here are some photos to describe which cannot be described above:

Jungles near Shimoga

Welcome, it's Gokarna !

Gokarna Beach sun (already) set

Some beach from hilly route

Om beach

ChilL dUdE !

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