ये ज़िन्दगी के मेले

One the best lyrics is written in B&W era of Bollywood. One that is here:

इक दिन पड़ेगा जाना, क्या वक़्त, क्या ज़माना
कोई न साथ देगा, सब कुछ यहीं रहेगा
जाएंगे हम अकेले,
ये ज़िन्दगी के मेले
दुनिया में कम न होंगे
अफसोस हम न होंगे

         - शकील बदायुनी

Piece of Pie Shit!

Conclusion: They have surveyed 139% people.



Surprisingly they know spelling of ‘penalty’.


From the non-MS Windows

A lot of things happen out side the office window which generates sadness, happiness, curiosity and what not! Here are few captures of outside from my new place (now not so new).

^ Heavy amount of dark smoke is billowing out as an empty building at Prestige Shantiniketan is burning.


^ Hard to find a dark color car as cabs prepare our exit to house

^ Fooled by the glass, drops of rain hit window near me leaving me dry and sad