First Footwear Thrower Charged

This is about news:

When Karnataka CM was addressing pubic meeting, one more mental fellow emerged with his footwear, to have his name on news paper. This has happened to many gigantic leaders including Prime Minister, Home Minister and Leader of Opposition. But everyone tried to show their greatness by leaving them free, which intern encouraged more incidents.
But it was not Karnataka CM. It looks like he valued his post and dignity and the footwear shooter is rightly behind the bars. If all such people gets harsh punishment, I believe such incident will come down soon. Politicians need to make sure they don't play vote politics and allow police to punish such mental fellows.

At this moment, I would say, bravo CM, bravo!

'Oops!' moment for

Check-out this link (if it still exists). Rahul Gandhi's photo is modified with funny message on his forehead. Most probably hacked.
Here is the photo that I saved from above link :)

Note: This blog is just for fun or we say 'funny fiascos' and should be interpreted as my views.

My New Tattoo blog

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Hindi Tattoo in Hindi

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On a Bungee Saturday

It was a black day, 11th April 2009. Me with other guys had plan to visit a bungee jumping event. We had to move at 9 o'clock but as usual, I woke up late (and so my friends). Some how we managed to leave for the event at around 10:20 AM and reached after around an hour (you know.. we had to cut Bangalore traffic). The place was much outside Bangalore, near Bannerghata National Park call "Paintball Arena". We registered for 2 events, bungee jumping and paintball. Even after advanced booking we had to make registration based on which our bungee would start at 4:00 PM (almost after 4 and 1/2 hour later). We were pissed off at first.

We played paint ball which was like actual war using harmless gun (balls with some kind of washable paint filled in). "Death Match" and "Capture Post" were two games that we played there. It was very exciting as I like to fight. I went hand-to-hand at one stage and my gun (empty) got damaged after which I was thrown out of the game. To kill rest of the time, until our turn to go bungee comes, we decided to go to nearby resort for swimming, food and other games.

It was hot and everyone was tired after two games. So we were quickly moving toward the pool but everyone suddenly stopped to see a bungee jump like they have never see such a thing. I looked up toward the jumping place, and as I guessed, there was a busty lady about to jump. The afternoon Sun was piercing our eyes but we were ready to bear that. Ready with our camera, we waited for about 2 minutes but the lady decided to test our patient. At last she decided to quit. Not in our favor - she didn't jump.

Some of my friends were cursing the lady as saying she didn't had the guts to jump. I looked down and saw only about 8x15 feet was covered with safety net (I don't think it was safe to fall on that as it was standing on very week poles). Jumpers were hanging outside the safety net during most of their time in air. I had doubt in my mind if I would be able to jump. Due to this reason, I took favor of the lady in our discussion. Anyways, we moved toward swimming pool. I was enjoying at the pool and not at all waiting for bungee jump.

At 4 O'clock when we should be back to bungee jumping place, I was playing Table Tennis. Everything was going well until One of our partners at paintball called us to say that a person was seriously injured in the reverse bungee jump and that the event was canceled. The safety net I was talking about was only for regular bungee jump, it seems reverse bungee jump didn't have a safety net. Hearing the news I was shocked at first, in next moment I was thanking god that it was not me and prayed for the life of the victim.

We were promised that the organizers were professional. And that they had international quality of safety measures and instruments (see this link). The facts were very shocking. As I already noted, safety net was only for namesake. There was no sign of ambulance anywhere during sport. Later in news I read that they did not even have first aid kit.

Then and there, one of my friend announce (in swearing tone) not to do bungee jump in India. As not in America, but in India, anything is possible.
Government authority said that the organizers didn't have NOC. But why did they keep mum when news paper like Times of India were advertizing for the event. Why didn't police tried to stop the event or check for the validity of the dangerous event. My friend was right when he told not jump in India. As we will not go behind the culprits. As we will be happy as far as we get our money back. As we will want to forget the horrible day.