South-Indain Meals

This is picture of South-Indian meals that we take for lunch. There are so many items and still, my favorite 'Appalam' and a big bowl of rice is missing in the picture :)
Counted myself - total 16 delicious items.

Baby's smile

O Baby, stops smiling. It is beyond your and my capabilities but I want to communicate to you a truth. The smiling that you are holding on your face is either fake or you are a mad. Your life is more miserable than of anyone else. You can’t walk, can’t speak, and can’t understand who is friend and who is enemy… in fact, you cannot do a thing that other people can. The whole world is alien to you. Everyone else are telling thousand words and communicating at the rate of which you cannot even imagine. And here you are! Even your mother cannot understand you. Others are around you just to play with you like you are a toy. You don’t have any freedom for which people die in real world. So, I am telling you o baby, stop smiling. Because to me, you look crazy when you smile like this even after all these problems.

O God, this is one of my more than thousand efforts that I made to speak to a baby. If you can hear my words then say something. Is there any knowledge that this baby has got which I haven’t yet? Or, is there any knowledge which took away my happiness? Whatever but these babies have become reason for my surprise and jealous.

Are these ‘high class’ people?

The place were Jessica was shot dead by Manu Sharma was bar, full of so called ‘high class’ people. A middle class girl, who was working in bar for her livelihood, dies and all those high class people keeps mum when the time comes to just speak ‘truth’. Those who broke their mum, at last, spoke in favor of Manu. And today, the verdict of the Delhi High Court have proven them ‘high-class’ cowards. Like all other Indians, me too, feeling more secure and proud then yesterday :-)