Survey Bullshit

I used to believe in news from CNN-IBN but recently they too have taken the path same as other (mostly Hindi media). They constantly search for frightening news and if couldn't find one, they make it.
For example:

They did a ('so called') survey in only 4 metros of India asking if they fear loosing their job. The result as they claim says 47% believed so. And the headline said "50% of Indian". Also, nobody knows what was this percentage before financial crises. I suspect the way people were presented the question and/or agency interpreted the answer.

Have your heard about 'geeks'?

I am computer programmer by profession. Programming is still a bizarre act according to present society and so all of us enjoy ‘geek’ status, at least as for now. If you peek inside our world, you will notice that it’s huge. Infact, it is a religious society in itself. We have our own ‘devils’ and ‘angels’. People have their own belief. Helping hands nourishes knowledge and charity gives materials to keeps society moving.
Some of us constantly think and act to do well for the world and society. We provide software instruments which are capable to do things which humans can never do. Also here are those who create malicious software and do steal your credentials and other information.

Something about a geek
Geeks work hard. They party hard. They like music and movie hard. They speak less but write hard. They have their own view about everything.
Geeks are not just geek; they are further ‘newborn’ or ‘student’ or ‘learned’ or ‘dumb’ or ‘nerd’ or ‘dweeb’ or ‘guru’ or ‘Sage’ and much more.


I wrote a blog someday before which said how to remove all your warehouse employees. As a software professional, it would be my pleasure to be involved into such an activity.
But do I think about the people who may loose their job due to the system, if implemented?
The million dollar question is, will I be able to accept this if I put myself at the position of a warehouse worker? And the answer is not easy.

इंडियन अब एयर इंडिया?

लोग पैसे देके एड देते है और प्रचार कुछ और ही होता है

Better Die!!!

Sometime you see someone and feel like death is better than suffering. Here is an example of suffering!

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