I tried to…

You never forget some lines for your life. May be from movies, your drunken friend, during some training or anything else… you know what I am talking about.
In 2002, when I was pursuing my B Tech, we got a new prof named Sanjay Goel. He is very enthusiastic fellow and you can see him literally dancing on the stage while giving lecture. A bald guy with thick specs was behaving like a rock star; he wanted audience participation in everything. But this day was different when he someone with ‘professor’ attached with his name was asking us about the lab assignments. We had a separate tutor for labs, usually young and good looking ladies. I always liked them. Profs during that time didn’t ‘degrade’ them self to labs (which changed soon after his arrival in the collage). Anyways, it was one randomly picked poor fellow to give lab assignment’s status. He started giving status like “I am trying to…” and there he was abruptly stopped by the prof. Prof called him on the stage and shown a shiny pen that he used to carry. Prof said “Try to get this pen”. The boy came near to him and when he was about to pick the pen, prof spoke again, “I said just ‘try’ to get it... don’t get it” and boy stood still, knowing nothing about what to do. Prof took ‘teaching’ look at the whole class and told that poor fellow to sit. The lecture progress as it has to and prof finished what he targeted finished on that day.
I may not have learnt much from that incident, but whenever I speak or hear something like ‘I tried to…’ words, above incident flashes in front of me like it just happened now.