Oops! It happned again :(

I am one of the most troubled fellow in computer world when it comes to great debacles of PC. From the day I started using my PC, I’ve encountered a numerous problems and issues regarding software and hardware. Issues never stop and frequency of getting major issue is every fortnight. This blog covers only great stories of “data losses”.

The moment I am writing this blog, I have accidentally deleted a partition of 80 GB (above 90% filled) with all my important documents, software, software code written by me, data of my friends, and “may be” many other important things. All gone… in matter of seconds.

I have already lost my complete data 2 times due to hard-drive crashes. That time it was not my fault here, but it happens to the chosen ones of God.

It doesn’t just ended with me and I murdered data of my friend (sorry again, Sirish) by installing an operating system before 8 months or so. That was the saddest day of my life as I delete all his personal photographs. Some how, some things were recovered but it is never same. (For the matter of fact, he is still my friend)

But life starts again with new and fresh data. Older ones are to forget and move on in life. God is great! But not fair : ( I have to live with it.

No tree! No Problems!

I visited my neighborhood market place - CMH road after tree tiring weeks. I was delighted to see that most of trees were suddenly gone. Now I could clearly see various advertisements which was not possible with trees hindering their visibility! Damn trees, why do they grow this big? It was pleasant to see that each tree cut made a clear space where a bike could be put on stand. Who knows, it may my bike one day resting on the grave of one of these trees. Those trees might have though that nobody would dare to touch them because of their longer service toward nature. Oops! They don’t have brains. They are just dumb unmovable creature which came into existence when the God was learning phase of making life. I have no doubt in my mind that by culling them we will correct this mistake of God. And I can do that because the God gave me brain by which I can do some of his work. Wouldn’t that be in line with claim of me being from the superior species? It will. Our generations to come will be very thankful to us for the path that we have chosen for development.