My Dream

Generally we don't remember the dreams which come everyday while we are sleeping. But I am just interested in the dreams which I see with my open eyes with control over my mind. For years I've been nurturing a dream which will be one of my accomplishments which I see as a milestone.
All people don't tell their dreams (rather don't dare).
Here follows my dream:
> To have a medium size house with a big drawing hall and a separate study room with all hi-tech study materials and magazine
> In that house there will be separate room called as personal movie theater with projection system and powerful sound system
> Out side that house, lawn and some trees
> Sexy Car
> Elegant wife
> House on green mountains to pass 2-3 weeks of summer
> Lots of money to spend on weekends
> And to have all this interesting work for rest 5 days of the week

I will reduce the list by realizing them. On each milestone I will write a special blog.