Gokarna Trip

I had a refreshing trip to Gokarna i.e. Gokarn and end of year 2007. Gokarna (in Indian state of Karnataka) is famous for its beaches (some are covered by small hills) and Hindu temples. The trip ended at Goa when calendar year 2008 just started.
It all started when we left Bangalore at around night 10 on 28 December with 8 other friends. The feeling of lively and cheerful joy started in morning when we were passing through dangerous roads in dense forest near Shimoga. It feels really nice when you are very near to nature in early morning.
We reached Gokarna at around 3 PM on 29th which is couple of hours late due to our extra stoppages. We got a good place to stay (at around INR 350/- per day, which is cheap in tourist season) surrounded with natural garden. After visiting Gokarna Beach for sun set on the same day, rocky Om beach and Paradise beach were enjoyed on next day followed by Campfire at Om beach. Gokarna is ideal place to hide from modern word with mostly hippie tourists from all over the world.
31st was reserved for Goa which is around 200 Km from Gokarna. We chose to go Bagga beach in Panaji as our single destination to welcome 2008 in Goa. Beach itself was excellent, very safe, enjoyable and over crowded. New Year was rightly welcomed with fire crackers bursting everywhere which felt like Diwali.
Here are some photos to describe which cannot be described above:

Jungles near Shimoga

Welcome, it's Gokarna !

Gokarna Beach sun (already) set

Some beach from hilly route

Om beach

ChilL dUdE !

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