राही चलते जाना

चलना चलते जाना राही,
चलना चलते जाना.

हो चाहे पत्थर की राहें,
या हो जल का दरिया,
हो चाहे जंगल से मारग,
या हो मरू का भरना,

मद्याहन है उम्मीदों का
शाम को ना तू थकना,

लक्ष तेरा उस चोटी पर है
तुजे वहीँ है जाना

साथ निभाया मैंने अब तक पर
हो सकता हूँ तनहा,
नाही मुज पे निर्भर है तू
नाही मुजको तकना

राही तुझको चलना ही है
ना कभी तू रुकना,
चलना चलते जाना राही,
आगे बढ़ते जाना.

Kiran Just Blogged

People write blogs for various reasons. I encourage people to write blogs as I believe it helps you think beyond your cubicle and reach out to the people you never knew directly. But got a very new perspective as a web user of being categorized into web leech or seeder when my friend Kiran blogged about that. When I started blogging, it was just zeal to get into web space – get a web citizenship. As I mentioned in one of my blog, http://yogeeblogee.blogspot.com/2008/10/have-your-heard-about-geeks.html, once we get emotionally attached to the web and computerz, we think about being more involved. Blog is the great way to do that.
Today, my utilitarian blog http://rajputyh.blogspot.com attracts fairly more users than number of clicks that I make on web, which makes me one of the seeder. And I am proud to proclaim that.
Do you?