Everybody from my office were ready to goto (sorry... but I can't use break statement here) a resort to execute our cultural event 'anubandham'. At morning 6:30, I had no energy to cheer-up and shot like a mad. I was totally unsure what's going to happen there. But at the end of day the feelings were quite different. We did rock climbing, rappelling and played some other games. We were divided into 4 teams of 20 people and the spirit of competition was high. The environments was full of cheer-ups – motivational enough to double the score for anybody. With the flash of joy we also learned many lesson of corporate culture and values there. The flash got off but the heat remained.

Indian Railways Upgraded

This Saturday when I was coming from Delhi to Chennai, back to work from a wonderful convocation ceremony of my Bachelor degree, an another exciting experience was waiting for me. This time it was Indian Railways.

After reserving a berth in 3 Tier AC, I was regretting that I should have gone through flight. With this sorrowfulness in my mind I was just about to get into my coach before I saw a reservation chart sticked very tidily. So I just stood a while to satisfy my 'always dubiety' mind and it proved worthy when I saw “Mr Chidambaram” in place of “Rajput Y H”. Fortunately, before I get a deadly shock, the next movement, I saw my name under a separate table at the end of the list and what's this !! It was pleasant shock as this was the list of those fortunates whose ticket was upgraded to 2 tier AC, that too without any extra cost - ya.. not a single new Pice.

According to this schema, if any seat is empty in upper class then, under auto upgrade facility, it will auto upgrade some passengers to upper class so the people who are in waiting list will have more chance to get confirmed for a berth... at least shared i.e. RAC. I don't know exactly when this schema started but here is an article of Oct 08, 2005 saying that this would start from January 2006. Although there was no sign of it before February 15th of 2006.

Anyways, the Indian Railways has upgraded itself and I am one of those very first fews.