Digital Cloud

A cloud reflection on an ITPB building (Bangalore). Looks like lot of clouds are computed here :)

Mahatma Rocks

I took this picture on the street I live where usually Karnataka State flag is hoisted. The day of 15th August is different and Mahatma Gandhi takes center stage on that day, not matter where you are in India. (oh ya! froward link of this blog to that Chinese)

Indian Unity, a surprise for Chinese

A Chinese web site recently published an article detailing a road-map to divide India into parts. They wants to easily divide India based on regions as they cannot believe that vastly different regions, in culture and language and even food, came together to make the great Indian federation. Well, it's not their fault. Actually they haven't grew up in a society with mentality to come together based on few similarity ignoring all other differences. I am not angry at the think-tanks behind their article as sight beyond the wall is not a very common Chinese feature anyway :)

My other view about Dr Singh

‘Supporting’ someone or his views is a totally different thing and it may be ‘personal’ or it may have some attachment/faith in the person, or it may be matching of intensity of loyalty to common philosophy. But act of ‘opposing’ someone’s political view is always tricky. You are not being ‘political’ about your views unless you recognize the strength of the person whose view you are opposing.
For me, example is ready with Dr Manmohan Singh and his action against Pakistan. According to me Pakistan is not being treated as deserves to be treated. It’s not just 26/11, it’s a series of event and how comfortably they can consider us fools.
Recent joint statement with his Pakistani counterpart is just another showcasing event proving how ‘weak’ we act against someone whose intension is to harm us. Nobody but Dr Manmohan Singh as the Prime Minister India is responsible for the shameful thing that happened. But thinking on the other side, he is very consistence with his attitude. He can very well carry his ‘weakness’ and face the angry nation strongly. I may consider him a ‘weak leader’ but as a person he is man of strong willpower, self respect and one of the great politicians. Jawaharlal Nehru is the nearest person with whom I like to compare him and may be that is the biggest (and only) complement for a person setting on the PM chair.