India in Satellite Launch Race

With a world stunning launch of PSLV yesterday and setting up 10 satellites into their orbit has shown the capability of ISRO and it’s ability to succeed in most complex operations. It seems like this is the day Sarabhai was pushing ISRO to see.

On other hand, When India is taking pride on the success, ISRO is preparing another adventure named “Chandrayaan” – the Indian moon mission which will use PSLV C-11. This in turn will put ISRO into range of very credible organizations of oligopolic multi-billion dollar satellite launch market. India also, now, can see itself in very comfortable situation for foreign relations, science and technological development domestically, rural and agricultural development, security (e.g. yesterday’s launch has two remote sensing satellites), negotiation with other organization for technological sharing and partnership for mutually beneficial projects.

Let’s wish for PSLV C-11 completes the relay race which has been extremely well performed by previous PSLVs till now.

By 'yogee'

I am not the “painter” painter but certainly a “rough book painter” with my pen and rough pad. It wasn’t a my normal Sunday when I though to really paint something. The stationary shop that I visited didn’t have my choice of brushes but I got the minimal things at Rs. 77 ($ 2) which included a bug white paper (enough for 4 small-sized painting like below). It is not my best paining but easiest and this is the only one on this blog because last time I scribbled with brush was almost 8 year ago (no record exists of those as they were thrown out in garbage the day before I left my home for college).

Flowers are created by totally slanting the brush and without any stroke.

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