you can fly...

1. Opposition
2. Competition
3. Criticism
4. Budget constraints
5. Fear
6. Lack of experience
7. Bad timing
may hamper your success, unless you believe in yourself...


Had a refreshing weekend after a long time at ‘Talakadu Jaladahama Resort’ around 125 km far from noisy of Bangalore. We also visited a shivasamudram water fall. Here are some pics [from cameras of my colleagues]. Njoy madi... Kingfisher.. You cannot see hayward's 5000 is somewhere around Old bridge.. made of stones Resort from far Guest houses at the resort

National Anthem and National Song

As 15th August is coming nearer, this is a funny way of making little fun... Just ask people “Which is our National Anthem (of India)?”. They will be less confused if you don’t give them options. Tell them, “As it’s difficult enough, I am giving you two option 1. Jana gana mana or 2. vande matram” (belive me I got ‘sare jahan se achchha’ as an anwer once). You can trap considerable amount of people and see them getting confused. Their next step would be to visit ‘’ :)
(I guess many of you would be confused while reading this blog but I have a help for you ... go here )

Shitty Affair

This is what once my US preaching friend said about difference between India and United States.

Difference between Indian and American democracy: In India you can shit in public but you can't kiss in public. In America you can kiss in public but you can't s hit in public! Any comments!!!

At first I visualized the slum guys setting near a pool of water and doing bird watch as doing the mentioned activity which said to be ‘legal’ at public place in India. I though the vocal war is lost against him in a regular ‘debate’ (read ‘time killing’ for exact meaning) activity. But as I had to defend that somehow, I used ‘focus shifting’ strategy and debated based on fundamentals of ‘freedom’ where I proved superiority of India over US on above situation. My answer (translated from Hindi):

First of all, you can always stop yourself from kissing but shit is impossible to stop. So in the case where a person had no choice but shit, it is totally illogical to punish someone for the act which he/she cannot control.
Another thing, India believes in freedom. ‘Locking’ lips is an activity against freedom and this may also involve ‘holding’ the partner, ‘holding’ attention of others… while ‘freeing’ your shit and long held gases is something which is in line with the philosophy of freedom which shall never be punishable when demonstrated in public.

NOTE: Don’t take this seriously because I am roaming with a camera to capture the demonstration of the freedom in support of the blog.

Water IS on the Earth

When I read a news title “Water Found on Distant Planet”, It didn’t go in my little head why this people are searching for water on “distant” planet when we already have lot of water on the earth. Thanks to TIME, I didn’t use much “horsepower” of my brain because the title was immediately followed by “Call it one giant leap for mankind's search for life on other planets”. I am not a “scientist” but I firmly believe that when we image about ET life, we should use extra wide approach also because life may not always come with water. NASA is spending hell lot of money to find water on the other planets, but a day will come when somebody will come with the proof of life without water on earth itself. And at that time we may really think that we have enough water on the Earth :-) Happy living …

Inspiration from life and lifestyle

There are hell lot of people whose life may be inspiring, but no one is parallel to him.

Encountered the encounter specialist

You are standing at ‘signal less’ zebra crossing from last 5 minutes- just waiting to have right time to cross and no vehicle stops allowing you to cross then probably you are in India.

This afternoon when me and my colleagues were returning from our lunch, we kept waiting for sometime to cross the road. We noticed a car with red light coming. Generally we don’t take risk to cross on such occasions.
But to our surprise, this car stopped with clear intension of giving us the opportunity to cross the road, and we cross. Later I came to know form my friend that the person setting inside the red light car is an IPS officer and his name is Vijay Kumar – because of whom we got rid of Veerappan and many rowdies of Chennai. It was a good experience to experience the humbleness of so called ‘encounter specialist’.