Why Ajmal must get a lawyer

Lawyers are turning away from Ajmal, the only terrorist captured during recent Mumbai siege. At first it looks like patriotism by them but the lawyers should not forget their duty. Not helping a person to defend him/herself is a crime again jurisdictional system. If no one is defending this guy then it's not much differnt than killing the principles upon which our country is based. Also, I wonder if the lawyers have no faith in our jurisdictional system, otherwise, why should lawyers issue 'fatwa' not to take up Ajmal's case? Saying this, I also wish Ajmal gets toughest panishment for his barbarian act.

An Interesting Blog

I came across a nice blog about 'Malaysia-Finance'. Each entry in the blog has a beautiful pic ('pic of a beautiful' rather) but the picture doesn't relate to anything in the text. This is nice concept to put heavy things lightly. I too had put such things (not exactly same way)  to add some lightness in my technical blog (see here and here for example) and I think it's great idea. 
Also, he has great advices for bloggers. 

Urgent Requirement for A Hitler, Location: Bangalore

I was on my way back to Bangalore from the pilgrimage. Everything was well and good until Bangalore just started.
We have lot of a$$h0le$ in our Bangalore who are just 'brainless' selfish and no rule can stop them driving everyone into traffic jams. They appear now and then, anywhere in the city and create chaos.
As usual, there was traffic jam due to few of such $hith0le$. A foreigner, most probably American, appeared there and try to remove blockage. He urged people to stay in lane and wait for some time until he frees blockage. But as usual no such dumbos appeared responding. After some time this foreigner lost temper and started shouting, threatening, pushing, hitting hands on vehicles (resulting into big dents) and 'ordering' them to stay in lane. It was this time when this a$$h0le$ were coming to their lane. Within 5 min, we were again back on the road - running.
^ Urging to wait for some time!

^ Asses Contributing to blockage

Terrorists are not upto the mark, Says a Dy CM

Maharashtra Dy CM made a statement, precisely: "bade shahron mein aise ek adh hadse hote rahte hain. Woh 5,000 logon ko marne aye the lekin humne kitna kum nuksan hone diya". I am refraining myself translating into English because of shame that these politicians have brought to my country and still they think the Mumbai terror attack was 'a small incident'. My whole point is, I wonder how many people, especially from India, wants him to be victim of terrorism!