!! Oil, sticky Oil !!

Indian government is preparing for sharp increase in oil prices. It’s proposed to increase (per liter!) petrol prices and diesel prices by 10 Rs, kerosene by Rs 17 per liter and LPG by Rs 115 per cylinder in order to bring the prices in parity with imported costs. This historical hike will badly affect common man as prices of each and everything will hike from 10-20%.
Today, when energy prices in international market are touching new heights, I feel, all the world governments are to be blamed for poor infrastructure of producing alternate fuel/energy. Next couple of decades is most crucial for the world in order to cope up with energy demand of common man.
From childhood I am learning that oil is non-reusable resource and one day it will end and I had no doubt that I will be alive to see the end of this resource. In current scenario, I cannot think about living without hydrocarbons most of which is coming from petroleum. It’s widely expected truth that oil extraction will become more and more costly and so its foolishness to believe that this is final hike. Hikes are going to be sharper than this one and many of us have idea about that.
The best solution that people may find is plantation of hydrocarbons, more popularly ‘Bio Diesel’, about which many governments are already taking steps to create government policy for that. As far as India is concerned, 1 liter of bio diesel price may be set at 25 Rs. Per liter which obviously increase with increase in hike of petrol prices. At the same time plantation of bio diesel will result in to reduced land for farming food products which will bring food crises earlier than it’s expected to come. (In my opinion, farming is the best business of tomorrow).
I am writing about this ‘other than personal’ affair in my personal blog because I am aware of impacts of this in my life as a human living in 21st century. I am sure that you are sharing the same feelings no mater who you are and where you live.

[Updates: 6th May, 2008] I never knew it will start this fast. Food prices are shooting sky and governments are blaming each others. Main reason is plantation of hydrocarbon by developed countries.