Gujarati Masala Rice (Kharibhat)

This is wonder recipe which can be prepared very fast and it can be made in lot of variety based on what vegetable you are adding. I’ve put here the most common method (common for me) of preparing the Gujarati Style Masala Rice. In Gujarat we call it kharibhat or Kharabhat (ખારીભાત/ખારાભાત) (a variant of which is called Rice bath in South India).
Ready To eat in < 30 min
Preparation Difficulty: Easy
For 2 person
● 2 small tea cup rice (preferably long grain and soaked for atleast 10 minutes) 
● 1 medium potato chopped in 1” size
● 1 medium onion chopped
● 1 small to medium sized tomato chopped
● 1 green chili chopped
● 4-5 curry leaves
● 6-8 garlic cloves (outer skin removed) OR equivalent amount of garlic paste
● a small piece of ginger OR equivalent amount of ginger paste
● 1/2 small tea cup fresh peas (optional)
● 1 small tea cup cauliflower (optional)
● 1/4 small tea cup peanuts (optional)
● 2-3 table spoon oil/ghee

Masala Required (spoon size in small masala spoon):
● 1/2 spoon cumin seeds,
● pinch of asafetida (hing) (optional, used in most Gujarati cuisine)
● 1/2 spoon turmeric
● 1/2 spoon red chili powder (optional)
● 1 spoon coriander powder
● 1 spoon cumin powder
● 1/2 spoon garam masala powder OR use whole garam masala like cloves, pepper, cinnamon, star anise, coriander seeds, black cardamom 

● Get a pressure cooker and heat oil/ghee. 
● Add peanuts and fry for around 10 seconds. 
● Add cumin seeds (and whole garam masala if you are not using garam masala power).
● After 3-4 seconds add hing powder followed by chipped onions and salt (to taste) and fry till onions are light brown.
● Add curry leaves, green chili, garlic and ginger (or paste) and fry for 1 more minutes (half minute if used paste)
● Add turmeric, red chili powder, coriander powder, cumin powder and steer for 5 seconds
● Add chopped tomato and fry till tomato becomes soft and start melting.
● If you are using garam masala powder than add it now.
● Add potato and other vegetables and cook for 2 minutes, give occasional steer.
● Add 5 small tea cups water and soaked rice.
● Close the pressure cooker and cook it on high flame for first 2 minutes and reduce to medium flame after that.
● Close the flame after around half minute of 2nd whistle (but before 3rd whistle)
● Open the pressure cooker after 5-10 minutes of closing the flame and give a general mix so rice doesn’t  get mashed.

Garnishing options (use one or more of these):
Tomato, coriander leaves, lemon, roasted cashew, kismis or seedless green grapes.
Can be accompanied with:
Raita or butter milk, papad or potato chips

खुद को आजमाना चाहता हूँ

आज फिर मैं खुद को आजमाना चाहता हूँ
इन हवाओं से नजर मिलाना चाहता हूँ |

आज भी टीस बाकी है मेरे दिल में इनसे हार जाने की
इसलिए खुद को भी मिटाकर जीत जाना चाहता हूँ|

आज डर नहीं मुझको यहाँ अब डूब जाने का
इस समंदर से कोई मोती चुराना चाहता हूँ |

जरा सा इल्म तो है मुझको तूफानों की ताकत का
मगर फिर भी मैं इनमें एक रास्ता बनाना चाहता हूँ |

लोग कहते हैं बहुत दूर है चाँद इस जमीं से
मगर मैं चाँद को हथेली पर सजाना चाहता हूँ |

इन अँधेरी रातों ने मुझे सिखलाया है बहुत कुछ
उजाला एक अब सूरज को देना चाहता हूँ |

दोस्तों अभी तक तो मेरे कदम जमीं पर हैं मगर
आसमानों पर एक आशियाँ बनाना चाहता हूँ |

(Written by my friend ‘Sagar’)

National Anthem at Fame Cinemas

I really hate when they play National Anthem at Fame Cinemas before movie starts... Are we going to war or is it some flag hosting ceremony? NO! I went just to watch a movie and experience relaxed moments and entertain myself, but there come the National Anthem (even at night shows) and everyone stands like a we are going to do something great about our country by watching the movie to be played afterward.