हम जिये जा रहे है

इक पल का ये जीवन है
कैसे यहाँ जीना सीखूं
धुन्दला सा ये मंज़र है
सहमी सी खामोशी है
ये मेरी ज़िन्दगी
ये मेरी ज़िन्दगी बस इक खाब है
ये मेरी बंदगी हाँ इक राज़ है

Election '09 over and out

LK lost. Sing got clear victory. Not what I wanted. But there are many positive result this time. Good for India! The country has just saved itself from being humiliated by 3rd, 4th etc fronts.

Weak Acceptability factor of PM candidates '09

Heading the Indian Prime Ministerial institution is one of most challenging post in the world. Hell lot of India politicians are great administrators but toughest to achieve one of those quality is "acceptance". One of the pioneer of such quality is Atal Bihari Vajpayee. Inspite of being leader of, so called, 'communal party' he managed to create an alliance - parallel to which never existed in the Indian political history. When we look for the same in present situation, none, Dr Manmohan Singh or L K Advani, possess such quality.
LK has put a great effort in a crash course look-a-like change of image but it is not showing the results. LK is simply "unproven" for such a position according to some and, as Dr Singh has already pointed out, there is nothing significant LK has done for India yet.
On the other hand, there are (convincing) arguments against Mr Singh suggesting he is incapable of taking his own decision. He is not perceived as serious leader even within his own party.


Ok.ok.. You caste your vote.. but to whom are you showing that finger?!?



Why Election in May?

There are less number of people coming out to vote in Gujarat this time as deadly heat wave has kept people in. Who do you think will stand in Q to vote in 45C with heat wave on? I really congratulate those (45%) who voted this time. But 45% is real bad number. I consider it failure of election. This is the time of a year when all schools in Gujarat (and most of India) give vacation to the students just because of unbearable heat. But when it comes to election, it has to be on time. Not after, not before...
I am not aware if there election commission has any right of flexibility in time for conducting election when present government is about to complete its term, but we must have rule which can allow election commission to take decision on conducting election +-2 month to avoid such situation.